Have I ever owned a pair of Michael Jordan-brand Nike basketball sneakers, you ask? I can answer that question.

Never owned a pair. Unlike wearing a black leather jacket (mid-30s), and a dignified vest (this year), I just never felt like I could carry off a pair of Jordans. The shoe made too strong a statement, or too many statements — my athletic drive is like Jordan’s / my basketball acuity is like Jordan’s / my swagger is like Jordan’s / my devotion to sneaker culture is such that I can legitimately rock the apex shoe. Wearing Jordans would assume too much, and lead others to make implausible, likely comic, assumptions about me. Jordans would out-do me, and hinder my ability to just do me. Also, they were expensive AF. I followed sneaker culture, trawled Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall every weekend and watched all the new shoe commercials, but stuck with modest classics (Pumas and Adidas Superstars), or weird second-tier models; Rodmans with the side-lacing, Converse AeroJam for the court. Bit of an I’m-not-worthy thing going on I guess. There is your answer.


About Mienda

Somerville, Brooklyn/Manhattan, Chicago, Glasgow, Cambridge, Philadelphia; here right now.
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