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Have I ever owned a pair of Michael Jordan-brand Nike basketball sneakers, you ask? I can answer that question.

Never owned a pair. Unlike wearing a black leather jacket (mid-30s), and a dignified vest (this year), I just never felt like I could carry off a pair of Jordans. The shoe made too strong a statement, or too many … Continue reading

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George Pitts, RIP

George simply wasn’t willing to limit himself. He wanted to see and know more, not less, of this world and what the people in it create. He abided in a willingness to offer himself to anything new. I was always embarrassed that, at half his age, I remained so stingy. Continue reading

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Hip hop, grown-ups, and growin’ up

If you ever claimed hip hop as your own, or tried to, you’ve felt some anxiety, probably unspoken, that the music would not grow up with you. That maybe it just wasn’t meant to. Your favorite artists would age with … Continue reading

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Letter to my Dad, in re: J Dilla’s “Donuts”, a record I gave him for Christmas 2015

Hi Dad, In re: Jay Dilla (James Yancey), and his Donuts, I’ll offer a few entry points. As you surely suspected, this question has inspired an endless disquisition. Here’s the highlights; – He did the music for that Common song … Continue reading

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Hip Hop and Africa, Letter to Hugo Burnham 3/29/2015

Hugo, I’ve been thinking about the issue you’ve brought up, and I have to admit; because I can’t play music, I really don’t know anything about compositional or technical motifs common to African music and hip hop. Considering the beat’s … Continue reading

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Coming With the Insights!

A letter written in response to a student paper. The student was not my own, but that of a professor here at NEiA, where I’m the librarian. Hi, Nice work on the literature review! It was an easy read (which, … Continue reading

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For my friend Seth, Nov 1970 – March 2013

When I finally made an opportunity to sit down and write seriously about my interest in music, there were only two people I knew I really needed to talk about. One was my Dad, and the other was Seth Boyd, … Continue reading

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