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Records & Evidence

A brief listing of the variety of threats to the archive (any archive)

Lightning War Regime change Terrorism Religious upheaval Technological progress Technological regression Illiteracy Mistakes Earthquakes Earth, wind, and fire Sprinkler systems Firehoses Anything else that can be used to put out a fire (except blankets) Water Air (and air-borne elements such … Continue reading

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Purportedly, a “weeping Buddha”

submitted November 6, 2010, for Records & Evidence class at University of Glasgow Purportedly, a “weeping Buddha” This object is significant to me more for its form, for what it is, than for its uniqueness; I have acquired and encountered … Continue reading

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R&E Syllabus

Here ’tis. Reasonably complete I think. Why do this when it’s all on the Moodle already? Easier to print out and carry around. And because I’m a little bit analogue like that.

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